About Us

Overview of Faculty
     Since 1992 the Faculty of Management Sciences has offered fully accredited degrees in subjects directly related to the needs of business and management. More recently the Faculty has expanded its role in better serving the regional community by holding seminars and offering consultancy services to local business. building2010
Programs offered
Undergraduate Program
- Bachelor of Economics Program (B. Econ.).
- Bachelor of Business Administration programs in Marketing(B.B.A. Marketing), Finance(B.B.A. Finance), Management(B.B.A. Management), and Tourism and Hotel Management(B.B.A. Hotel and Tourism Management).
- Bachelor of Accounting Program (B.Acc.).
Postgraduate Program
- Master of Business Administration Program in Marketing (M.B.A. Marketing).
- Master of Business Administration Promgram in Tourism Management (M.B.A. Tourism Management).
- Master of Economics Program in Business Economics (M.Econ.).
- Master of Accounting Program(M.Acc.).
- Docter of Business Administration Program(D.B.A.).
- Docter of Philosophy Program in Tourism and Hospitality Innovation Management
International Affiliations Program
     Through strong international relations, the Faculty is actively building strong relationships with recognized international universities as well as other tertiary institutes in order to foster student and staff exchange, visiting speaker programs, mentor relationships, mutual academic program, and joint research activities. Memorandum of Understanding have been signed with :
- MSU (Murray State University USA.)
- NAU (Northern Arizona University, USA)
- WSU (Washingtion State University, USA)
- University of Economics (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

     Research is mainly concerned with business development in the Northeast region and the problems faced.                               

E-saan Center for Economic and Business Research (E-CBER)
     The center’s primary roles are research and public service. ECEBR conducts applied economic and business research and disseminates the results of this research. Active economic forcasting and publications programs are important to fulfilling this mission. The Center promotes and supports economic and business development throughout E-saan. Our core expertise is provide seeing through economic and business trend in E-saan. We interpret what is really happening in E-saan economy and business environment to provide clear projections and forcasts for the future. ECEBR collects, maintains, analyzes, and releases business and economic data. More than 1,000 monthly and quarterly data series and stored in the Center’s microcomputer-based databanks. CBER’s data resource are enhanced by its participations such as local government agency as well as private organizations. the detailed data is classified into province
Centre of Asia Pacific Tourism Research (CAPToR)
     To analysis the Thailand’s tourism context, the impact of globalization enhance the economical reciprocity. It is the reason that way Thailand has capacity to develop themselves to be the financial and tourism destination center of Asia Pacific. (Chaisit Damrongwongcharoen, 2007:2)
Nowadays, the tourism industry develop continuous, both of tourism components, which consists of tourists, marketing., destinations, infrastructure, service mind (Pimpun Sujarinpong, 2006), including community development around tourism destination. The tourism development and tourists’ visiting cause both positive & negative impacts that effect to community’s lifestyle. So, the tourism activity is the main role to increase the revenue, and produce the economical, more in job creating, eating, travel agent. Souvenirs, transportation, and accom- modation. All broaden out local profits (Udom Buasri et al,1996:2-3)
     From the information above, tourism industry enhance revenue and develop quality of life in every part of the world. The integration of research knowledge with training by The Office of Tourism Development (2005) increase the importance to tourism training of Thailand and neighborhoods, to enhance the capacity in the international standard, for services the tourists. As a result, the tourism center of Asia Pacific, it is important to set up the training standard in the same level.
     To understanding the background of environment competition, consequently the tourism industry has a chance to success. The in-depth tourism business data, the local authorities is the key to decide planning and long run development. This is way Faculty of Management Sciences, Khon Kaen University, set up the Centre for Asia Pacific Tourism Research to support the tourism research and training in Asia Pacific Region.